WLOS News 13

During the summer of 2018, I had the opportunity to serve as an associate producer in my hometown, Asheville, NC. After reporting in the field with some of the best storytellers in the business, I transitioned to producing because it allowed me to have the most significant impact on daily shows. Every morning I was responsible for a 30-minute, noon newscast. Each story I ran was the culmination of local, state, and national news, aimed at providing viewers an upbeat briefing to get them through the day. At the end of every show, I was thrilled to know we made a difference in the community.

Below you will find a cut from one of the daily newscasts I produced.

I learned quickly that the biggest challenge in news is having no way to get ahead. With news, you can’t get your work done ahead of time or prepare the night before. The news cycle never stops or slows down, which means you’re constantly learning, adjusting the show, and working toward a rigid deadline each day. Keeping up with the news world requires dedication to the community, ability to adapt, and sharp attention to detail.

Blake Morgan for WLOS