Fox Sports San Diego

Spending the summer of 2019 in San Diego was a life-altering experience. Working in the professional baseball industry means being insanely busy and always feeling like you’re behind. With 162 games a season resulting in at least six games a week, things happen quickly. The pace of play may be slow for the fans and players, but those in the TV studio don’t have that issue; all nine innings fly by for the production team.

The lessons I learned at Fox Sports have been invaluable for my future, but when I left North Carolina on a one-way flight to San Diego, I thought those lessons would be valuable in a much different way. To my surprise, I left Fox Sports San Diego knowing that live TV was not for me. After some internal struggle and confusion surrounding what I truly want to do with my life, I decided my passion lies elsewhere. Although my goals have changed, I try to embody the skills I learned as a production assistant in other avenues of my life.

Blake Morgan

Being goal-oriented is one of the most valuable lessons I brought back. So often, we find ourselves completing small tasks without consideration for the end goal. In TV, that never happens. During Padres’ games, I knew exactly what the end product had to be, so I worked with precision toward that end goal every step of the way. I admired my Fox Sports team for their goal-oriented mindsets, and I am thankful to apply that mode of thinking to my current goals of working in communication.

Taking advantage of every opportunity to learn and never feeling complacent in your abilities is another life-lesson I took home with me. Despite entering Fox Sports as an experienced live TV director and replay operator, I was at the bottom of the food chain as a production assistant, and I recognized that from day one. While many would be frustrated, I took this as an opportunity to listen and absorb direction, knowing there is always more to learn. Being overly-confident in your skills can mean missing out on information, so I took my position as a chance to solidify my skills, allowing me to build confidence slowly but surely.

Even though I’m not seeking a career in live TV, I cherish the opportunity and personal growth. Those three months served as a practice run for life after college. I feel far more prepared and confident for graduation and the years to come.

Additionally, I’m grateful to my university for recognizing my accomplishment.